Commercial Energy Efficient Lighting

Reduce your business lighting bill by up to 85% NOW!


Save between 50 and 85% of your lighting running costs immediately by replacing your commercial lighting with the latest energy efficient technology. A typical commercial lighting upgrade will pay for itself in less than a year due to the energy saving rebates, grants and incentives available.

Lighting rebates can cover between 50 and 100% of the total cost of the upgrade to eco-friendly lights including T5 tubes and LED downlights. Your investment can also be financed through operational leasing which means no upfront costs or capital expenditure. The savings significantly outweigh the repayments meaning your company will be in front from day one.

LED lights and T5 fluorescent lights also have a significantly longer life span with a lamp-life of approximately 10 years (depending on usage) reducing globe replacement and maintenance costs. A lighting upgrade will improve lighting conditions in your building to meet Australian Standards and OH&S requirements. Energy efficient lights also create less heat resulting in improved employee comfort and productivity and reduced air conditioning costs.

Energy efficient lights are a simple, straight forward replacement and fit easily into your existing fixtures. Whether you are looking for LED downlights, replacing T8 fluorescent lights with T5 fluorescent tubes, shoplighters, high bays or any other energy efficient lights Sunova Energy can help.

commercial lighting upgrade
commercial lighting upgrade
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commercial lighting upgrade 7
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commercial lighting upgrade 8
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commercial lighting upgrade 9
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commericial lighting upgrade-high bay lighting
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commericial lighting upgrade
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commericial lighting upgrade2
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Our Energy Efficient Lighting Systems will save you money year after year, electricity bill after electricity bill! Lighting usually accounts for 20 to 40% of the electricity bill for most commercial facilities. Using proven technology from Australia, the USA & Europe, the lighting systems we offer often use less than half of the energy required to operate your existing standard lighting systems. By installing sensor control, daylight harvesting and automation systems (that also pay for themselves!), even greater savings can be easily achieved.

Save up to 75% on maintenance costs

Most of our systems use high quality fluorescent lamps & globes of a type that is readily available from most retail & wholesale outlets that sell light globes. They effective life up to five times longer than many standard (HID) lamp types and that means far fewer lamp changes! Even in sets, they are most often less than half the price of the (HID) light globes you’re probably using now, and individually one thirtieth (1/30) the cost of a replacement lamp for a Chinese CFL high bay! So you not only save on your electricity bill’s, you save on your ongoing maintenance costs – year after year!

Reduced Carbon Emissions

As already highlighted above, our lighting systems require far less electricity to operate. By reducing the amount of electricity you use, you will also slash tonnes & tonnes of Greenhouse Gas Emissions created by the coal fired power stations supplying your electricity – even if you pay extra for “Green Power”!

A Couple of Simple Analogies & Other Benefit’s of Upgrading Your Lighting System

Different businesses & organisations put different priorities on the various benefits of installing energy efficient lighting systems. Some are looking for ways to cut electricity & maintenance costs, other to improve lighting quality and others to reduce their carbon emissions.

Our systems provide all this and much, much more.. Consider this analogy; company vehicles are for the most part replaced every 3-5 years, why? Cars last much longer than 3-5 years so realistically businesses could just keep the vehicles they have indefinitely, right? Tax concessions, corporate image, rising maintenance costs, etc and the fact these vehicles are often a very important business tool, mean’s it only makes sense to keep them at their best.

But what about your business lighting system? It’s often as old as the premises it occupies and that can be many years greater than 3-5 years! In over 94% of cases, we can provide a system of much higher quality that runs far more efficiently, that is far cheaper to maintain, that produces vastly superior light quality, that can easily be relocated from one premises to the next and has a host of other benefits – including tax concessions & enhanced corporate image!

And how can we do all that? Quite simply by using modern proven technologies to source & manufacture vastly superior lighting systems! Consider, that the majority of standard lighting systems in service in Australian organization’s, use technology that hasn’t really changed much in over 50 years. Chances are your lighting system is like the FJ Holden of cars. A nice car in its day (50 years ago) but could you imagine a business relying, day in & day out on a fleet of them!

But we lease our premises I hear you say! What if your landlord offered you the use of a fleet of old inefficient cars when you leased his premises, no strings attached. You just had to pay for all the gallons & gallons of fuel and maintenance costs, would you take him up on his offer and use them. Probably not. It would be far cheaper and make far more sense for your organization to invest in newer more efficient vehicles. Simple. Well your lighting system is no different! It’s a business system your workplace uses & relies on daily and Pays For. Remember this the next time your lease comes up for renewal or any other time you are in a position to negotiate the inclusion of an Sunova Energy Efficient Lighting System with your landlord.


Still not convinced that Energy Efficient Lighting is the way to go for your Warehouse needs… Here are 7 Reasons why you need to switch to Sunova Energy.

7 Reasons To Upgrade to High Bay Lights




Maximised energy efficiency of Sunova Energy lighting systems will provide your business with ongoing running cost savings of between 40 to 80% often amounting to tens of thousands of dollars per annum.




Sunova Energy Lighting Systems maintain higher illumination levels and enhanced colour rendering (CRI) resulting in a brighter work environment, and an enhanced corporate image.




By dramatically reducing the amount of electricity wasted running standard power hungry lighting systems by installing an Sunova Energy lighting system will slash your carbon footprint. The exact value of your savings is dependent on individual client requirements and will be calculated and provided free of charge in our comprehensive Cost Benefit Analysis.




Better lighting consistently results in happier staff, improved moral, a safer work environment and increased workplace productivity. The incalculable financial benefit to your business from this alone, is often of far greater value than all the other savings combined!




Using cutting edge technology, the brightness levels of our Australian made lighting systems remain consistent a minimum of ‘FIVE Times’ longer than conventional metal halide & mercury vapour high bay lighting systems resulting in far fewer lamp changes. Expensive indirect costs such as reactive maintenance and breakdown repair costs are also slashed due to Sunova Energy’s cutting edge multilamp system




Our range of quality High Bay Lights & Low Bay Lighting Systems puts control over Warehouse lighting back in your hands… No more waiting in the dark for the lengthy switch ‘ON’ & warm up times of standard High Bay Lights/Low Bay Lights. Sunova Energy lights switch ON instantly!




Reducing your demand for energy by replacing your power hungry metal halide or mercury vapour high bay lights with a cutting edge Sunova Energy system will reduce electrical load at each distribution board and dramatically increase your businesses capacity for future expansion. For some businesses, that can mean the difference between an expensive electrical upgrade or an even more expensive relocation.


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