Wind Power

Wind energy, like solar energy, is free to anyone that can collect it. The problem with wind turbines has tended to be either noise, or reliability which, to some extent, has taken the shine off their capability to deliver power around the clock. The first wind turbine that we've seen that delivers reliable power with low noise emissions is the German engineered designed Sunova Wind turbine.

Harness the power of the wind. Today's turbines are lighter, more robust and more efficient than ever. If you live in an area with suitable conditions, wind energy may be right for you as alternative or adjunct to other renewable energy technology.

New to wind power? Learn more about how a wind turbine works, the benefits of wind energy and how a wind turbine is installed. If you're not sure on the type of turbine you need, before you buy from us, contact one of our wind power experts for the right advice.

We can also let you know if you're eligible for any of the renewable energy rebates - you can save thousands!

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