Sunova Energy maintenance division has a range of maintenance services designed specifically for commercial installations. Our services have been developed to ensure you get the very best performance, product warranty longevity, system uptime and a full lifecycle service.

Solar PV systems are not maintenance free. They require regular checks, both remotely via our Solar Monitoring Centre and on-site. This includes physical health checks for performance and panel and rail cleaning to ensure your solar investment is in peak condition.

Sunova Energy offers its commercial customers as part of installation and ongoing support our Solar Care solution:

Solar Care includes:

  • Monitoring – remote monitoring is enabled on your system to ensure visibility and manageability for both your operations and Sunova Energy support team
  • Heath Checks – regular health checks are done both remotely and on-site to ensure your system is running in peak condition and investment is protected
  • Solar Tune – an initial service conducted over 12 weeks from day of commissioning designed to tweak the system according to power usage and other energy saving recommendations and adjustments
  • Solar Repairs – conduct any routine or responsive unforseen break/fix services to ensure your system is kept operational
  • Solar Clean – our annual service cleaning your panels and removing any debris around your racking. This service is crucial in maintaining system performance and system safety.

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